The Story of Nagasaki

Crew of the Bock's Car

Bock's Car Crew

[back row (L-R)] Captain Beahan, Captain Van Pelt, Jr., First Lt. Albury, Second Lt. Olivi, Major Sweeney

Staff Sgt. Buckley, Master Sgt. Kuharek, Sgt. Gallagher, Staff Sgt. DeHart, Sgt. Spitzer

On August 9, 1945, the Bock's Car dropped an atomic bomb (the "Fat Man") on Nagasaki, instantly killing tens of thousands of people. This marked only the second time in history that the atomic bomb had been used.

The plane was named after its Frederick Bock, the plane's commander. However, on the day of the Nagasaki bombing, Bock switched planes with Charles W. Sweeney, whose regular plane was The Great Artiste.

Crewman Position
Major Charles Sweeney Commander
First Lieutenant Charles Albury Co-Pilot
Captain James Van Pelt, Jr. Navigator
Captain Kermit Beahan Bombardier
Lieutenant Jacob Beser Electronic Countermeasures
Staff Sergeant Ed Buckly Radar Operator
Sergeant Abe Spitzer Radio Operator
Master Sergeant John Kuharek Flight Engineer
Sergeant Raymond Gallagher Asst. Flight Engineer
Staff Sergeant Albert Dehart Tail Gunner
Commander Frederick Ashworth Weaponeer
2nd Lieutenant Fred Olivi Third Pilot